Network marketing pro or marketing scam? Analyzing legendary marketer’s business model


Legendary Marketer is an online education company promising to empower entrepreneurs through valuable training and lucrative income opportunities. Founded by self-proclaimed “Legendary” online marketer Dave Sharpe, the company promotes itself as a passionate champion for the little guy to escape the rat race through the glorious flexibility and unlimited income potential of digital entrepreneurship. With its manicured image and wildly magnetic messaging, Legendary Marketer has developed an ardent cult following while also garnering skepticism and accusations of being a corrupt pyramid scheme. 

Legendary marketer business model

The core premise of the Legendary Marketer (LM) model revolves around paid training programs to teach participants online marketing tactics, particularly promoting affiliate offers using high-converting funnels. Once purchased, training courses provide modules exploring topics like email marketing, copywriting, lead generation, and search engine optimization tactics to build an online business. While useful in concept, they primarily focus on promoting Legendary products themselves coupled with aggressive upselling to progress buyers into higher “Ascension” tiers of the company’s training and compensation plan. Commissions are earned in a few ways:

1) Generating purchases as an affiliate of Legendary Marketer’s own products

As affiliates promote Legendary’s packages to prospects, they earn 30-50% commission on any paid training sales they facilitate.

2) Selling other digital affiliate products

Legendary encourages students to utilize affiliate marketing strategies taught in their training to promote outside digital products like courses, ebooks, and club memberships for additional income streams.

3) Recruiting a team of affiliates

Participants potentially earn residual commission income from sales generated by affiliates placed in their downline organization structure. This is the element that has triggered legal allegations of operating an illegal pyramid scheme against the company.  

Evaluating legendary marketer’s business practices

Legendary Marketer’s model of providing business education combined with financial motivation through lucrative affiliate packages seems legitimate on the surface. However, beneath the glossy veneer are several concerning business practices indicating insincerity behind their purported goodwill mission:  

    • Aggressive sales tactics and overpromises – The company has an intense focus on making sales above all. Products are commonly misrepresented and prospects are love-bombed with vague, bold promises of achieving financial freedom through affiliation. The immense pressure and unrealistic expectations consistently underdeliver.  
  • Questionable marketing messages and founder credibility – According to LM creator’s Linkedin article on Dave Sharpe, he is a rags-to-riches online marketing genius who generated over a million online. The questionable credibility raises doubts about the company’s legitimacy.
  • Failure to deliver on high-priced products – The meager amount of useful training content and resources within Legendary Marketer’s costly programs has drawn extensive criticism from former members claiming to feel scammed. Those seeking substantial education or business coaching are often left profoundly disappointed.

Attempts to cancel unused subscriptions or request refunds seem to universally meet dead ends, revealing the company’s priority toward retention over customer satisfaction. 


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