The stock Market Training courses are designed to suit learning requirements of the students, traders, investors, and working professionals where they can how to trade in stock market using the technical analysis based on chart reading techniques (Equity Course). These stock trading techniques can be applied perfectly on equity, forex, currency, commodities etc. to give you better monetary returns or to generate wealth in the share market.

Equity Course-Technical Analysis


This course includes pure technical analysis with sector correlation, position size, risk management, wholesale/retail price, demand & supply, in-depth analysis on chart, advanced day trading strategy, how to read live price action, gaps, indicators, market traps, advanced stock scanning techniques, trading psychology, advanced trend analysis and much more. 
Specially designed for those who want to make a career in the stock market.

Derivatives Course


 This course is designed for those who want to trade options professionally,

• In this course you will get to know how options premium calculated with the help of Greeks.

• Whether the options premium is cheap or expensive, when to be an option buyer and when to be a seller.

• Most options traders make the mistake of ignoring volatility and time decay, leading to losses.

• This course provides you with rule-based strategies in order to identify your own entry and exit points in the options market.

• The  Derivative Trader course introduces traders to the fast-paced world of Options trading,

• the benefit of options writing, providing a solid skill set, and the knowledge required to attain a superior competitive edge in this market. Note:- Equity Course is Mandatory if you want to do Derivatives Course.

COMBO ( Equity Course-Technical analysis + Derivatives Course)

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This stock trading course is a combination of both Equity Course-Technical analysis + Derivatives Course